grammar grammar


a. Be–affirmative and negative
b. Possessive adjectives
c. Subject Pronouns
d. At + place

a. Introductions
b. The Alphabet
c. Numbers 0 – 10
d. Personal Information
e. Words related with music
( singer, dancer, band, etc)

a. a/an and Plural nouns
b. yes/no questions with be

a. Personal Possessions
b. Numbers 11 – 101
c. Prepositions of place
d. Adjectives (new, great, good)


a. Be – Information Questions
b. Possessive ”a.


a. Countries
b. Nationalities
c. My family

a.Can / Can’t for ability
b. Article the

a. Parts of the body
b. Days of the week
d. Sports
e. Before, after


a. Simple present statements
b. Simple present
c. Third person singular spelling rules

a. Places in town
b. Jobs
c. Telling the time
d. Time expressions

a. Simple present information question
b. Frequency adverbs
c. Prepositions of time – in, on, at

a. Food
b. Colors
c. Daily activities
d. Meals of the day


a. Present Progressive
b. Present Progressive vs. Present Simple
c. Spelling rules for –ing verbs
d. Verbs not use in the progressive

a. Lifestyle Adjectives
b. A green lifestyle
c. Time expressions

a. Can / Can’t  ability
b. Irregular adverbs

a. Personality adjectives
b. Talents and abilities
c. Adverbs of manner
d. Really, very
e. Sports


a. This, that, these, those
b. Comparative adjectives
c. Singular and Plural nouns

a. Clothes
b. Adjectives for describing gadgets
c. Things you buy in a store
d. Adjectives for describing clothes

a. Count and Uncountable nouns with some and any
c. Verb Phrases

a. Food
b. Ordering in a restaurant
c. Phone language


a. Simple Past – affirmative statements
b. Simple Past – questions and negative statements
c. Spelling rules for simple past regular verbs
d. Regular and Irregular verbs

a. Adjectives with –ed and –ing
b. Memorable experiences
c. Past time expressions

a. Simple Past with when clauses
b. Object Pronouns

a. Life events
b. Historical events
c. Occupations

a. Present progressive as Future
b. Going to

a. Phrases with go
b. Start /Stop + gerund
c. Weekends Plans

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